Fringe: Тизер 5 сезона — Cerebral Scan Protocol

Канал Fox выпустил новый тизер к 5 и последнему сезону сериала Fringe («Грань»), премьера которого состоится 28 сентября. Смотрим видео протокол из Министерства обороны с капитаном Windmark!

Captain Windmark: «Your loyalty is not expected, it is required. You will comply with all native directives and regulations. While native citizens currently remain under Fringe Division supervision, any infractions, or suspicions of infractions, are subject to a full cerebral scan. If guilty, you may face a first-level wipe at the location of the infraction. Further wipes, and/or a full extraction, will be determined at a formal inquiry. HEED. OBEY. SERVE.»

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